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I need help

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Hi .. I have an 1995 ss impala X Highway Patrol car. So I'm driving and everything is fine then the low oil level light comes on and the a/c compressor stops cooling. I check the oil level on the dip stick and it's good. So I changed the low oil level sensor. Okay, we're running again all is good then the check engine light comes on and the engine spits and sputters but I finally get it back home..I remove the positive battery cable and touch the positive side cable to the negative to drain any stored energy and reset the computer but the check engine light keeps coming back on. In the last 6 months I have replaced the water pump, optispark, MAP sensor, mass airflow sensor, coil, coil control module and the oil level sensor. Sometimes the car will start in the morning but most of the time it will not...Yesterday evening I replaced the ECT Sensor that goes into the water pump and the car fired up on the first bump of the key. I took the car out it drove beautifully and showed signs of great horsepower and improvement like I've not seen in a while. Right before I got home the check engine light came on but this time the engine didn't stall or sputter like it did the last time.. in fact the Lt1 was purring like a cat. I get the car back in the garage and I turned it off and I restarted it and the check engine light had gone off with out removing the battery cable so I started the car many more times and again the Lt1 started beautifully every time. Okay yesterday it was 85 degrees here...but later that evening we had a cold snap come threw and it was 48 degrees this morning 5:00 am here in Hamlin TX. So I jumped up got dressed and grabbed a cup of coffee and went to the garage and the car would not start but only turn over. But no check engine light. Since then I have purchased a cheap GM reader and I have done the little trick with the paperclip to flash a code at me... it wont do anything but turn on the electric fans... now I've gone back to removing the battery cables and using a jumper alligator clip and the computer will not reset and the car will not start... I have no clue! Please Help.. [email protected]
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1. Paper clip trick doesn't work on 94-95 cars.
2. What opti did you use?
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