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Using 87 Octane in 93 Octane tune

Got my "sport" wagon this spring but never felt like it was living up to its potential. Plus the MPG wasn't that good even for the 3.73 gears. Every typical part that needs replacement has already been replaced so I was stumped.

It dawned on me several months after I got it that it was the tune. Looks like the PO had some kind of high octane tune and I was putting in 87 Octane gas. Or maybe he tuned it for 87 Octane which never rhymed well with the higher compression modded engine I have. In any case, that appears to be the source of the problem.

Anyway, I had it re-tuned for 93 Octane and after putting in 93 Octane gas, it seems to run smoother and better, noticeably so. I ran down the tank to the last 2 gallons and once I filled up with 93 Octane, I could see the difference, especially with the 3.73 gears.
I still need to check if the MPG changes any.
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