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i2K2 results

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I2k2 results are now available at the grail web site. . Please take a moment to fill out
the survey form to help us make the next event better. Thanks.
Jose Hernandez
i2K2 Event Coordinator
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Jose, thank you for posting. People do actually read these details.
I do at least.
I really like the round by round results with the reaction times.
Notice that many of the heads up races could have ended up with a different winner if only the RT would have been a .6xx or around there.
The bracket race was neat to study. The Champ comes back from a 1st round loss.

Oh man. And a double red light win. Love it!
You know it's your day when that happens.
Looks like TEAM HOSS dominated the brackets.
Congrats to all of the national event winners!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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