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Ignition key bypass/resistor mod

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This morning began with ignition woes on my 96 RMW.

a) In Park, turn key, gauges swing to right, silence
b) Put in Neutral, jiggle lever, foot on brake, turn key, gauges swing to right, silence

Situation a) has occurred in the past and b) has always worked as an expediency.

I have seen references to a key bypass/resistor mod, but Search has not been my friend. Lots of links made references to the mod, but have been unsuccessful at finding the link to it.

If anyone knows where this stickie is, I would appreciate it.
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Repeated mention of park neutral switches on this forum,,,
The only car in this group that has one is the 96 Impala , none of the others do.
They have a physical lock out that prevents rotation of the lock cylinder unless the car is in park of neutral.
They don't have a park-neutral switch
All of the B-Body cars have a neutral safety switch. It is located at the base of the steering column. It only makes the starter circuit when the shifter is in park or neutral. You can still turn the key, but the starter will not operate.

The 92-96 cars also have a "press brake to shift" interlock. It is a solenoid that mechanicially stops the shifter from moving from park unless you press the brake pedal. The 91s do not have this feature. You can still start the engine from neutral, and shift without pressing the brake pedal.
There is a wedge on the start rod that only fits through the shifter collar has when the shifter is in park or neutral.

The press brake to shift function on the 92-96 cars works as stated, with the solenoid pulling a cable to unlock the shifter. The trans position switch at the bottom of the column energizes the relay in run, start, or bulb test, and the brake/cruise switch deactivates it.
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