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Ignition lock question

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Does anyone have a good detailed list of how to remove and install a new lock cylineder? Cause it's a real SS but for some reasone some had to have changed it down the line and it's now chrome.

Also need to know the correct way to get around the pass key. The light on the gauges keeps coming on and off so I'm worried that'll give me a problem in the near future.
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Do you have a FSM? If you are going to do a lot of work on your car it is nice to have. You have to remove the steering wheel, clock spring, locking ring, and turn signal switch. Then there is one screw that holds the lock in place. There may be an electrical connector for the security system (maybe not). You do not have to totally remove the clock spring and turn signal switch, just move them out of the way. Reinstall is reverse. You will require a set of torx drivers, steering wheel remover (and necessary sockets), (I believe) a 3/4 inch socket for the retaining nut, outside circlip tool, lock ring removal tool, and a pick for the lock ring retainer. Have fun.
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