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I'll write something if no one else will!

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Okay well I called on the Fleetwood today. It's DARD slate w/ tan inside. It is owned by an older grandpa type (aren't they all :D ) anyhow, The guy didn't seem uninterested in negotiating a trade for my truck so everyone cross thier fingers! Oh, and they guy said he has a trailer hitch on it but he doesn't know if he had the trailer package on it. Man I hope he does! 3.42's!!! We're trying to figure out a time to meet so I can DRIVE :D and look at it. I am a giddy like a little school girl!
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OK, Just a little info for your inspection...

On the SPID label for the Fleetwood:
GM8 = 2.56 axle (standard on Fleetwood)
GU6 = 3.42 axle (trailer package)
GW9 = 2.93 axle (standard on Fleetwood Brougham)
G80 = Limited Slip
U89 = trailer wiring harness
V4P = 7000lb towing provisions

Don't get upset if the V4P isn't there. As long as it is the Brougham package, all of the heavy duty stuff is already in place... you will just need to bump up the axle and maybe add the limited slip.

My number is in your P.M. in case you have other questions at time of inspection.

Good Luck!
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Thanks alot man this will be really helpful!
so.. any updates?
naw not yet..... the guy that said he wanted my truck decided he didn't want it because it was a inline 6. Obviously he knows nothing about that engine! Oh well my day will come.....
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