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Impala SS land speed record.

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Here is one for you to figure out....How do we beat this record and get it sanctioned..
In order to be the fastest SS in the land the speed record must be official, in other words, must be verified by some sanctioning body....Jeff Coffmans record of 165 mph has been verified by the Silverstate (May 20, 2001) via radarand published on ....The problem we have here is that in order to beat the record you would have to go over 165. If you attempted to exceed 165 at the Silverstate you would immediately be DQ'd for going over the tech speed (tech speed is 165) Soooooo it looks like we have a catch 22 here and the best one could do would be to tie the record...I have heard some chatter on several of the forums and digests of some who could attain a speed of 165mph in their SS....I agree that is possible to do but where can they get it verified by a sanctioning body...
Lets have some discussion on where we could do this and do it legally...We don't want a bunch of SS's on the road trying it.....We have heard about some guy in Germany going over 195 mph but this is not official as it was not verified by a sanctioning body....So until someone comes along and figures out a way to beat Jeffs official record then I guess he holds record for the fastest SS in the world.
I was just saying!!!
Gary Foster
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Let's say someone runs a 170 in the Silver State... What are the consequences for being DQ'd? Are you just not allowed to run anymore, speeding ticket, fine, what?

Might Bonneville or one of the other salt flats be a possible alternative?!?
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by racerguy:
...We have heard about some guy in Germany going over 195 mph but this is not official as it was not verified by a sanctioning body...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

The guy in question is Heinz (coolchevy on this forum - Heinz's site), and nope, it isn't official (but he really did exceed 190mph :eek: ). Good thing for the folks that want to go for the official record.

Does anybody know what all is involved in organizing runs on the salt flats? Who regulates such things (I know somebody does). If something like that could happen, I'd love to be there to see it!
I think that sounds pretty reasonable. Some sort of official sanctioning body and officialy sanctioned event. (and congrats to Jeff Coffman for the world record MPH).
You know, and as a side note, the quick 1/4 mile cars would not neccesarily by able to go 165mph.
The rear gearing would be the limiter. So a 10 second impala SS wouldn't be able to make a 1/4 mile run and then later in the day blast off down the road for a 10 mile top speed run without having to rev the engine to super high rpm....although they could gear it down to 3.08 or 3.43 and still run a quick 1/4 I guess. There is a lot to be proud of if your motor can withstand sustained high rpm and top speed, like you open road racers and like Heinze and his autobaun killer-Mclaren Blueprinted turbo monster.
As for good ol Heinze in Austria, he might actually have access to "official" timing devices already because they seem to have a bunch of club racing activities going on over there.
Gary, this topic is interesting and should get some mental gears turning in impala land.
Karl Ellwein
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Three Impalas. In order to run in the 130mph through the 150 mphat the Silverstate(that is average speed for 90 miles) certain safety issues must be met...rollbars, harnesses, fire extinguisher, fire suit, helmet etc. When you meet these issues you are allowed to run up to but not exceed 165 mph (it is called your tech speed) should you exceed your tech speed then you would be DQ'd. If you are DQ'd they do not publish your radar trap speed which is the catch 22 (therefore no record). In order to up you tech speed you must have a full roll cage (Nascar type) with a fire supression system etc. At present the Open Road Record is over 206 mph (average speed for 90 miles with a top speed of over 225) in a Chrysler Lebarron (no resemblance to the actual car)fiberglassed body Nascar roller. This course is not in a straight line either, hiway 318 has some curves and turns and while not significant at lower speed become really significant at over 200 mph..
Gary Foster
Bonneville is as much of an option as Silverstate in that they have a lot of the same rules. Here you go:


Karl...I agree that a 1/4 mile car is not the same as an Open Road racer. When you get to certain speeds aerodynamics comes into play BIG time. A short burst of speed is different than sustained speed runs in the flat Nevada desert. Crosswinds have an effect. Last Sept I was only going 120 mph and got caught by a crosswind and it did move the car sideways a little. Now that was only at 120. Most of the high speed crashes that occurr at Bonneville happen when the car is not getting enough rear down force. What you have is a lot of compressed air going under the car at speed and it get to the rear axle tunnel and lfts the car in the rear. You may have seen this in different types of racing where the back comes around and then lifts. If you look at NASCAR for example, the rear valance is tapered up to get that air out of there to help keep the car down.

Do not underestimate these occurances folks, the consequences can hurt a little ;) I know that our cars are heavy, but the aerodynamics and lift can counter act the weight (747 jets).

I would like to see more of Hans' car to what aero things he has done to go 190+. That is something we can learn from.

Anyway, RACERGUYS RULE!!!! :D :D :D
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Salt Flats is definitely the place to check top speed limits that's for sure.
I was looking through the Silver State's website and see that there are 180 and unlimited classes, but didn't see what the requirements were for them. I assume that there is the mandatory rollbar and other safety harnesses, but what else would be required for an SS to run in them?
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by threeimpalas:
I was looking through the Silver State's website and see that there are 180 and unlimited classes, but didn't see what the requirements were for them. I assume that there is the mandatory rollbar and other safety harnesses, but what else would be required for an SS to run in them?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Well to get up to those speeds you are basically going to have to have a NASCAR type of car. Full roll cage, fire supression system. The car becomes unstreetable. Not mention the engine work to get the car at those speeds. Jeff told me he got to 145 really easy, it was the last 20 mph that took a while to get to.

Now, Bonneville. That is not a realistic option either. Jeff Coffman and myself went El Mirage dry lake bed this morning and their tech is much more stringent than Silverstate's. In addition to that the cars are WAY different than the cars we are used to seeing at our track events. You are going to have to spend a lot of caysh to get to their specs.

Sooo, now what? I guess for now we do the honor system or we all go to Germany in Oktober and pound down as much Bier as we can and then get on the Autobahn :D ;)
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Where is Heinz? I'm surprised he hasn't gotten in on this thread?

This event is held in Maxton, NC. From what I have been able to find out, this is an one mile run from a dead stop.

Remaining 2001 schedule is 6/30-7/1, 9/29-9/30, and 10/27-10/28.

The distance is to short for an all out speed record, but it still would be fun to run.
I have been a member of the Impala community for 4 1/2 years, and I don't recall ever being as offended as I am now.

"In order to be the fastest SS in the land the speed record must be official, in other words, must be verified by some sanctioning body"

Says who?!? You, racerguy?!? Who are you to decide what counts and what doesn't?!!!!

Is this what this country has come to that acheivement doesn't count until some beaurocratic type makes an entry in some journal somehwere?

Personally, I would be too embarassed to call myself the World's Fastest Impala at a speed of 165 (a stock Impala does 152) when anyone who's been around this group for a while knows there is an Impala out there that would completely blow me away.

The "some guy over in Germany" (BTW Heinz lives in Austria) has been a respected and contributing member of the Impala community for many years and has been the one that has really pushed the envelop on top speed performance.

You can get all the "official" proclamations you want, but I know it's Heinz that has the World's Fastest Impala.

David Meadows
'96 BBB Sig Series
[email protected]
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Well, CruSSader, you're easily offended.

I've read every posting of Heinz's that I have come across with great interest and believe every word he has typed. However, unless the speed is measured in some "standard" manner, and attested to by someone in an "official" capacity, then all you have is what's called anecdotal evidence. Which is the same as no evidence.

I don't understand why you're offended?

Aside from that, any of you interested in land speed racing can go to or (or the ECTA link mentioned in the prior post) for more information.

A few of us in CariSSma have been running at Maxton since 1997. It's a lot of fun!
For some reason I keep thinking that I once read that Heinz was clocked at 195.6 or something like that. I'd like to know who was working the radar gun? If it was an officer of the law then would that be proof enough for the record?
Well Mr. crussader,

I was the one who actually started this whole thread when one of my Teammates ran 165 at Silverstate. Jeff does not take any of this serious nor does Gary (racerguy) or any one else that races with us. We do this for fun and fun only. I posted to give him and the Impala props for doing something that a lot of people wouldn't consider doing with a Four-door passenger car.

So just back away from the keyboard and quit being so thin skinned that you are insulted by a post that started out by congratulating one of our own.

Gary just started a line of thought. All of the people that drag race have sanctioned numbers and if they don't nobody takes them serious. So what is SO wrong with asking if there was a way for people in Impalas to go out and chase some speed, huh? We don't drag race, we road race and we are just looking for some thoughts and if that bothers you sheesh :rolleyes:

Now getting off soap box and putting flame suit on :D
I will guarantee you that My car will go faster than Jeff Coffmans (165 mph) all I want to know is how I prove it (and I want to prove it bad) ...and guess what I am sure that Heinz can also go faster than I can but how do we sanction it, and beyond that there are some SS's running with more ponies than Heinz that will kick all of our asses...Mr. Meadows back off for a moment, set down your Corona, think positively for a moment, and join us in figuring out how to get a whole new class of competition going....Oh and bye the way Jeff Coffmans SS is stock with the exception of headers and Ed Wrights program.
Be Well Mr. Meadows
Gary Foster AKA racerguy
What is wrong with you? :rolleyes:
Can we go anytime we want in the salt lake desert to test up our topspeed?

I always wanted to take a trip around the state and go drive my car crazy, up there in the salt..

Some impala landspeed meeting? ehehe
There's a lot of info on this forum about 1/4 mile and acceleration and what to modify for a better start of the line..., but how about some info and mods to do (engine, suspension, brakes, etc) for top speed runs. Running at high speed on the highway is what I like. Blowing by a Porsche is a lot more fun than running from light to light.
Anybody have suggestions?
Anything on the Aerodynimics of the Impala at high speeds, best suspension set-up, best mods to the steering system?
Old thread - but I think Heinz ( coolchevy ) said it was a police officer that clocked him :cool: :cool: Wouldn't that be official enough? Just asking? :confused:
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