1996 SS Impala Wheels
17”x10.5” wide
2” added to stock width so to allow 305 and 315 drag radials.
5”x5” (5x127mm) bolt pattern
4.75” backspacing
Original OEM stock
Perfectly reconditioned to factory appearance and specifications.
Stripped of all oils, tar and surface coatings.
Bead blasted
Painted factory silver in negative pressure paint booth
Lip, rim, face and spokes CNC machined to revel perfect alloy surface
Everything is then clear powder coated and baked in commercial powder coating oven.
Price is firm - I know it sounds high but this is the cost including manpower, machine time and materials.
$800 per wheel
This is near cost - we are only making $40 per wheel and doing it for fun as an aside to our day to day operation to help out the Impala guys in the area.
I have a fabrication business with commercial powder coating equipment and ran a few sets of these for my B body friends - offering here to see if anyone else could benefit from this service.
Shop is near Newark, DE

Update - 7/8/22 - have two full sets of the stock 8.5” front wheels left (8 wheel) - ready for pick up (no additional cost), mid Atlantic delivery (additional cost based on location) or shipping in US (cost estimate $75 per wheel) - stock Impala SS Alloy 17”x8.5” wheels - sold in pairs only. $500 each

Update - 7/8/22 - Impala SS big tire, 315 and 305 drag radial option - start with stock stock 17”x8.5”, cut, 2”gap widened and welded to 17”x10.5” then perfectly reconditioned - sold in pairs only - $800 per wheel - pair is $1,600. Have 2 pair available - not planning to run any more in the near future

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