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Greetings All -

I'm a little late on the Subject cause after my trip to Arlington I took a week long driving tour of Alaska - 1900 miles in four days! - Then a week of catch-up at work.

One thing I would say about the Participant Judging - As one who's car is always 'filthy' by comparison, I have to say I wasn't real strict about fine cleaning. INSTEAD, the cars that typically got my vote had mods or applied details that were simply out of the ordinary and usually quite creative. I think that was one of the things that first attracted me to the whole Impala Scene - reading those old Listserve Emails to see what someone had thought up and tried over the weekend.

Examples - (I don't have my notes so sorry I don't have names handy).

One guy had used the stock bolts that hold the Injector rails on, and passed them through the vette injector covers to keep them flush, tight and straight. - I saw LOTS of loose and crooked injector covers and mine are as well.

Another person had a simple, factory 'Heartbeat' or 'Chevrolet' (Dont' have the pic handy) stick-on plates mounted on his stock valve covers. It looked REALLY good for not alot of money.

Mabey that's a flawed way to judge a "SHOW", but it does reward creativity and resourcefullness. Two things that built this cars following - and indeed this car.

Thanks HOSS!! I had one hell of a great time meeting SO many people -- eventhough my burn is still peeling.

I'll be back!

Derik Price
'94SS - Summer
'01Echo - Winter
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