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In the course of replacing the radiator on my FWB, I found a badly burnt primary fan lug:

It's a regular 280 so I ordered one:

For a 1,000-mile roadtrip in 2 days I had to temp things and cleaned the stab good and sealed it with a dollop of caulk:

But the fan did not turn on during testing. This plug had voltage with KOIO and A/C 'on', but no fan. I jumpered the fan motor direct and it worked WTF. Both sides of the fan motor plug looked fine but I added some dielectric grease for SAGrins. Didn't work. Rechecked the main connector again = full current.

Just for the helluvit I took needlenose to the female end and spread the lugs for no reason = then it worked perfect. I had been getting a worsening AF leak over 2 months which I thought was a tube fitting (it was a cracked sidetank), but the car has never had an overheating problem. I keep air on most all summer and the bigger A/C fan must have been picking up the slack.

CLIFFS: Even on a car with 80k miles, still critical to pull periodic PM and testing on any part that's 20+ years old. Which is the whole car. lol
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