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INC Fest 2013

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Let the planning begin...

Ok fellas and Gals :D This years Inc Fest will be April 6th 2013 in Austin Texas We're still in the talks about which Park we will be at but as sooon as we have it locked down we'll keep you posted... So INC and friends of INC get on your facebooks, Myspaces, Twitters, Gmails, Emails, Phone Calls and smoke signals let those that love the BBody's know we're planning this out ..The date is locked in so you can put in for vacation or whatever you gotta do to get here....

TOTALLY FREE EVENT, IF you choose to eat we only ask that you send a payment in of around $15 per person eating.. Or if you have money burning a hole in your pocket and you just want to help out with this event, all monies can be paypaled to....Any and all money will be greatly appreciated.

[email protected]

maps of location

In case you've missed previous Inc Fests heres a lil of what you missed..


tug o war



good times good times...

We'll keep this thread posted...

Along with our event there will also be a Huge Muscle/Classic car event in Austin this same weekend...
check it out...
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Going to try my best to be there...
just use your patamobile or your Chevrolegs... :D
LOL..I just might :D
damn,april will be here before you know it!
Trying my best to have my ride ready..hope to see all you b-body junkies soon..

peace out,el yonerr :D
quit typing on the puter and get under the car and install that tranny ya.... ;)
Trust me, I wouldnt want to be doing nothing but that right now!!!!! I have to work though cwm1 I got manana off to get everything buttoned up, hope all goes smoooooth...
The park was great,perfect location! good seeing everyone.
1 - 6 of 156 Posts
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