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INC Fest 2013

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Let the planning begin...

Ok fellas and Gals :D This years Inc Fest will be April 6th 2013 in Austin Texas We're still in the talks about which Park we will be at but as sooon as we have it locked down we'll keep you posted... So INC and friends of INC get on your facebooks, Myspaces, Twitters, Gmails, Emails, Phone Calls and smoke signals let those that love the BBody's know we're planning this out ..The date is locked in so you can put in for vacation or whatever you gotta do to get here....

TOTALLY FREE EVENT, IF you choose to eat we only ask that you send a payment in of around $15 per person eating.. Or if you have money burning a hole in your pocket and you just want to help out with this event, all monies can be paypaled to....Any and all money will be greatly appreciated.

[email protected]

maps of location

In case you've missed previous Inc Fests heres a lil of what you missed..


tug o war



good times good times...

We'll keep this thread posted...

Along with our event there will also be a Huge Muscle/Classic car event in Austin this same weekend...
check it out...
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uh ohhhhh ..... Do I need to borrow the rope again for this year.... We've had no challengers for the past 2 years.... Maybe CenTex can start shootin them roids up again for this year to take the crown from Buddy oops I mean Htown or is S.A. INC throwing up the Challenge ????:eek:
mine was doing that also.i was take engine apart to powder coat stuff.long story short .i cracked tps so bought one at oriellys.thats when it started.went to chevy dealer and bought a ac delco one.problem solved.oriellys wouldnt give me my money back cause its a elec. part and i installed it.cwm3
Sounds good I'll go ahead and order mines today! Couldn't hurt!
Sounds good I'll go ahead and order mines today! Couldn't hurt!
could also be 1st 2nd shift solenoid.which are not exspensive u have to pull the pan though.i dont miss rebuilding
SA INC going after the Tug-O-War Title. Htown don't want to see us. We been drinking a lot of beer and eatting lots of BBQ getting our weight up.
I might not make it this year, working on a turnaround at work and we are 2 weeks behind, if we can't make up the time it will put us finishing right after INC Fest....Damn
Ill be there again :D

Throwing in another 100 bux for the BBQ this year

Ive been neglecting the forum lately because of Facebook and the forums on there but it sounds like we have a lot of people onboard this year..Sounds like once again its gonna be a great event and turnout fellas..:D:D:D
Where do we send our money...or do we just pay when we get there? Can't hardly wait!
[email protected]

That's Frank from Cen-TX PayPal address. Benny can confirm for us. He will be taking the money for catering. Ed's Smoking BBQ from SA will be providing the plates
25 days left..

Hey Sean it was cool hanging with yall out at Castroville your Camaro is Crazy :eek:....... Looking forward to seeing you again April 6th...

Hey Bill I was getting worried about you I have'nt heard from you since Impala Fest.... Any money Anybody wants to send in to help out with the food can send to the following PayPal... Looking forward to seeing yall..

PayPal to ...
[email protected]
If possible I'd like to see how many people are planning on coming in on Friday so Maybe we can plan a cruise and dinner somewhere the night before INC Fest ..... Like last year we went to a place where they sat us on the upper floor and they had the nice waitresses :eek:... I'd like to see if we can set something like that up again...
So where's h-town meetin up at for the ride out?
yea we need to figure that out... I think ill be going up there fri night...
Hey! I need some wiring done on the interior... Who wanna make some cash that weekend!?
Need wires ran for electric seats, Twilight S., and the trunk button. Also lookin for Roady Climate Control to get done... Somebody pls help lol say the price (nothin outrageous lol)
Can't u get a harness from another car an install it?
Hey Adam have you talked to Daniel ? I wonder if he'd come down his family is just right up the road....
I can get the harness but still need someone to install it for me... I don't do electrical work and don't know how to wire it through doors and etc... If someone can help pm me!!!!
@sshuttlesworth man I can do it but u will have to bring in to houston... PM me....
@atxss yea I called him... Gonna call him again he's a lil worried about his car not making it like last time or something......
Tell him " old school daniel would go " :d
well we got his airride working correctly now, so he said he should be going!!
im pitching in my $125 like last year on the food.hopefully i get to do my a arm bushings before then if not squeaky is rolling like that. lol
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