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INC Fest 2013

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Let the planning begin...

Ok fellas and Gals :D This years Inc Fest will be April 6th 2013 in Austin Texas We're still in the talks about which Park we will be at but as sooon as we have it locked down we'll keep you posted... So INC and friends of INC get on your facebooks, Myspaces, Twitters, Gmails, Emails, Phone Calls and smoke signals let those that love the BBody's know we're planning this out ..The date is locked in so you can put in for vacation or whatever you gotta do to get here....

TOTALLY FREE EVENT, IF you choose to eat we only ask that you send a payment in of around $15 per person eating.. Or if you have money burning a hole in your pocket and you just want to help out with this event, all monies can be paypaled to....Any and all money will be greatly appreciated.

[email protected]

maps of location

In case you've missed previous Inc Fests heres a lil of what you missed..


tug o war



good times good times...

We'll keep this thread posted...

Along with our event there will also be a Huge Muscle/Classic car event in Austin this same weekend...
check it out...
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Del Rio in full force ? cwm3 So do you think your 8 will knock off Houston INC in tug o war ?
Del Rio INC is going to have all of it's members...I mean member.:D SA INC will take down H-Town INC. Carlos has been training at Big Lou's since last yr to get ready for this.
This sounds awesome, I'm in. We're gonna drive through Dallas and catch opening day at the Ballpark Friday, then cruise to Austin Saturday morning. First time out to any show or anything like this. Looking forward to seeing everyone's rides.
Great I'm sure you find everyone there to be real cool... Its allways cool to meet new peoples thats into bbodys...:cool:
Two plates paid for. I'm always hungry. (Carlos who?)
Carlos AKA Dova S.A. INC.... with the purple (chameleon) paint...
The count down has begun. Everybody start finishing up on ya'lls rides. El Paso INC ya'll coming through? It would be good to get a Rep from all the INC chapters. SA INC/SAIL gonna be deep.
All TX INC Chapters it's time to kick in. We are still short on the food money. Send in your money to paypal [email protected] Lets try to get all the money in by the end of the week.
All TX INC Chapters it's time to kick in. We are still short on the food money. Send in your money to paypal [email protected] Lets try to get all the money in by the end of the week.
I just sent in my donation. Remember fellas lets try to get all the money in by Friday.
How much do you need to cover the food?
We have some members that are going to donate on Friday. Right now we are about $300 short.

The word is out on the forum and the INC Pg. The two Heavy Weights will battle for the Tug-O-War Crown. SA INC vs. Houston INC

I'll bring a basketball just incase anybody want to see me. "Get me on the court and I'm trouble. Messed around last week and got a Triple Double."
I'll be donating $125 today when I get home.
Picking up the Rope hopefully today at lunch....

I'll bring a basketball just incase anybody want to see me. "Got me on the court and I got in trouble. Messed around too much and they made me trip and stumble."

Fixed cwm2
Consider the food covered!
That was a weak remix Benny. Tks LeadFoot
Just a reminder bump for those coming from South of ATX who wanna roll in with a caravan there will be a breakfast Saturday morning that SAIL has organized and if you have'nt met these guys before you're in for a treat, these guys are great guys...

As in the past for those interested, SAIL would to invite you to join us for breakfast at in New Braunfels the morning before and cruise with us to IncFest.

We will start with breakfast at Golden Corral Buffet in New Braunfels around 8:00AM. They have a very large parking lot with more than enough room to accommodate.

We will depart Golden Corral at 9:00AM.

Golden Corral
1042 N Interstate 35
New Braunfels, TX 78130
(830) 625-9500

Golden Corral is in with Kohls & Office Depot. Exit 189 (Hwy 46) off I-35.
-Heading north off I-35 there right to the right after getting off the off ramp.
-Coming from the south exit 189 come under the highway, pass the Shell gas station on the left and turn into the Khols parking lot, work you way thru the Kohls parking lot and head towards the south, you'll soon see the Golden Corral to your right.

Any questions please send me a message
SAIL President
DFW INC where ya'll at? Ya'll going to be roll'n Deep? El Paso INC is working on the road trip. Benny has our flier to send out to folks and to invite Solo Impala/Caprice riders. You can get the flier off the INC page too. The more the better.
Say San Antonio INC.....Ya'll might wanna calm down on trying to take this Tug-O-War crown....We got that bad boy in cement in the H!!!!!!!
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