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Incredible Posi/Gear sale from Clear Image Auto!

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Hello, my name is Aimee, I am the newest member to the Clear Image Automotive sales team. I wanted to personally introduce myself and let everyone know the wonderful changes starting to take place at Clear Image Automotive.

To start, I will be taking over retail orders. Some of you have already talked to me about your orders and for those who haven’t; I look forward to speaking with you in the future. I will be handling a lot of the shipping. If you have any questions about your order, tracking info, production status, etc. please feel free to call or e-mail me.

As Dan has already posted, the most exciting change is we are moving to a new location with a much larger building. We are very excited as it will fit our needs for growth of Clear Image Auto. We will also be up-dating our current website as well as starting another. It will offer shopping cart ordering for in-stock parts, more information, additional pictures, etc. In addition to posting your feed-back of our products and service on the forum, please forward to me so we can add it to our testimonials page.

As my first post to this forum, Dan has authorized me to offer an incredible sale on rear end kits through the end of May. To show our appreciation to this community, for all your support, please take advantage of the following prices:

Eaton Posi (400#) - $390.00
Tru-Trak Posi - $350.00
Torsen Posi (T2) - $332.00
Ring & Pinion kits (3.42 through 4.56) - $152.00
Master Overhaul kit (Posi & gear swap) - $95.00
Pinion Kit (gear install ONLY – no Posi) - $50.00
Axle seals & bearings - $30.00
ABS reluctor ring (3.73 gears ONLY) - $10.00
Differential additive (one bottle) - $5.00
Plus shipping.

Or choose one of the following complete packages:

Complete Eaton kit
Includes Eaton posi with choice of gear ratio, master overhaul kit, axle seals & bearings, two bottles of diff additive and shipping - $702.00 delivered!

Complete Tru-Trak kit
Includes Tru-Trak posi with choice of gear ratio, master overhaul kit, axle seals & bearings and shipping - $652.00 delivered!

Complete Torsen kit
Includes Tru-Trak posi with choice of gear ratio, master overhaul kit, axle seals & bearings and shipping - $634.00 delivered!

The ABS ring is an additional $10.00 for 3.73 gears.

We offer the finest gears available to fit your OEM application. They are stronger than stock and just as quiet.

You can send your orders via PayPal to [email protected]

Mail to:
Clear Image Automotive
4208 Auburn Way North
Suite #8
Auburn, WA 98002
(Delivery to this address should be no later than Friday, May 25th)

Or call me for credit card purchasing.

Also, keep an eye out for our "Moving Sale".

I look forward to working with many of you in the near future.
Have a great day!

Sincerely yours,
Aimee Spharler
Sr. Service Representative
[email protected]
Clear Image Automotive

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Ungh... painful decision. I want to get the Torsen setup (after reading all the info on how the different ones work) but I don't want to go too crazy with gears for my DD since I do a lot of highway miles....

Always with the tough calls and the tight budgets in life...
Well, after that read it really sounds like the T2 or T2R is the way to go.

Aside from preloading, what other differences are there between the T2 and T2R?

I guess another question to ask, but probably a stupid one is, would this type of differential be any more difficult to install and setup than an eaton posi?
I will do some reasearch and find about the installs today and let you all know this afternoon.
Sorry about getting back so late been one of those days :( to the question at hand, as to our knowledge there is no difference in the install of the different differentials. As for the T2 and T2R I am still looking into that.

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Thanks for those sites I will do a little looking today to get more knowledge about the T2 vs T2R
Any word on the T2R pricing yet? I'm pretty sure that's that route I want to go.

Seeing Dan's post over in the drivetrain section, is getting the 3.73 reluctor going to be a problem for this deal?
I would be in for some T2R kit with 3:42ABS...

For reference I got this quote from Dan's back in the oct 2006:

T2R - $595.00
3.73 gears - $225.00
Master Overhaul kit - $105.00
ABS reluctor - $16.00
Axle seals & bearings - $35.00
S&H - $25.00
Total delivered = $1001.00
Discount - $50.00
Total = $951.00 delivered.

This "Moving Sale" is quite a bargain!

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About $700 was what I paid for my 3.73, eaton, bearings, instal kit, additive, from mike at no limits, in July of 2006.

So considering that most prices have gone up this year, thats still a great deal! Plus, I think I'd rather deal with Dan, than Mike.
Hey everyone just letting you know that I will be out fo the office for a bit.....if you need anything you can still email me as I will be checking it often.
Ordered my Eaton 3.73 kit from Dan yesterday. Thanks again Dan for the great customer service. :D I was going to wait until after the Nationals to do the gears but this deal was way to nice to pass up.
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Still holding out for some T2R pricing.. <cough> <Cough> <nag> <nag>
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I could've sworn I read someplace that the Truetrac was stonger than the Torsen(unsure about Tt vs T2R);so that's what I'm gonna get.If it breaks on my mostly stock setup I'll be sure to post about it.Dan or Aimee-what's the cost of recoating Tri Y's?If I needed them recoated would I send them to you or straight to the coating company?Thanks!
I know I suck on the T2R pricing :( ...... As for the Tri-Y coating you need to go to directly to Performace Coating.
never got a responce on how much I need to send for some ABS friendly 4.10's.

I wanted to make sure all prices include shipping before I send a check. As I must have missed that lil tid-bit.
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4.10 gears with ABS - $172.00 delivered.

Torsen T2R - $525.00 plus shipping unless ordered as a complete kit with gears, etc.

TRU-Trac uses a hardened case and is stronger than the Torsen.

Thanks again for the orders everyone. Please bear with me this week.

As Aimee already mentioned, she is off this week.

I will try to check email but we are moving the shop to a new location.

Please hang in there if you haven't been able to reach me.

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Im in and PM
I know your all missing me, but I am sure Beth is doing a great job on getting info for you. I am still out, I should be back soon. Have a awsome time at nationals (Only 18 days I think)
Woohoo! My gears and TruTrack came today! I looked at the box from Fedex wondering WTF is this? Then I picked it up and really wondered, WTF is so heavy.

Then it hit me, I got my gears in like 2 or 3 days!

Just for the record, the TruTrack is the 3 gear design.
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got busy, and forgot to check back...

The check is in the mail.
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