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Gary, the domain is currently being parked by GoDaddy, a domain name registrar. It apparently expired on June 28th. and someone else registered it after it expired and became available. You might be able to get it back if you click on the "Get This Domain" button that's now displayed when you visit with a web browser. It's going to cost more than you might expect because the people that do these things do so for the express purpose of re-selling domain names for a profit. It might be easier to just start over with a new domain name.
'' would be a good one, and certainly proven out.
Gary, you won't remember this but a decade or so back you volunteered detail info on an issue I was having for absolutely nothing to do with wiring, and zero to do with making a sale.
Those things don't get forgotten, and trust your perspective continues serving you in caring for your family. and yourself, as well.
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