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So, The website is down and it looks like my @ email is also down. (not sure if it will be back up or not)
Please email me at [email protected].

Long story short is I will try and continue to help out the B-Body family.

The last couple of years have been pretty ruff,
My wife was diagnosed with colon cancer and so we have been dealing with surgery's and treatments.
My youngest son Passed away unexpected Sept 2021 and I have my daughter in law and 2 grandkids living with us 2 and 6.
(he took care of all my web stuff and I do not have the info needed for access nor do I have the mental energy to deal with it)
And it looks like I will have to have another back surgery. ( So standing to build harness is not always possible)

So I will build when I can .

Hope you all understand .

Thank you,
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