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I would like to get a TrueTrac in before winter, but I am on a budget. Are there any special processes involved with installing one of these? Is this something I could do in a weekend by myself if the car were on jackstands? Do I need any special tools?

I am planning on keeping the factory gears, (2.93s) because I do quite a lot of highway driving.
Thanks guys!

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You need to make sure the backlash is correct, which required a dial indicator and some kind of mount (usually magnetic) to hold it to the rear end housing. Since you are not swapping gears, you won't have to touch the pinion. It should go something like:

- press new bearings on the the True Trac
- remove rear end cover
- unbolt the two caps holding the open carrier in place
- remove old carrier, keep track of which shims and caps were on which side of the car
- remove ring gear from old carrier
- clean ring gear and True Trac surfaces
- put ring gear on True Trac, torque to spec (easiest with two people, but I've done it alone before). Equal torque here is important.
- install new carrier with new races and the factory shims
- bolt the caps back on
- check for play, check backlash, shim as needed
- clean housing cover and housing mating surfaces thoroughly, I use a razor blade and sandpaper
- install rear end cover

I got lucky with my first two posi installs and didn't need to re-shim. The first one I did in half a day on jackstands (painful). The second one took a couple of hours on a lift...though I did drop the old carrier out of the car and onto my foot, that hurt.

I would recommend searching the internet for some posi install writeups and reading them thoroughly. You can get a dial indicator and mount for cheap at Harbor Freight. If you can find someone who has done this before to help you, it'll be a walk in the park. If you can't it's not too bad as long as you are mechanically inclined.
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