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What a job!!
Took all day w/ an experienced mechanic directing me. I installed Moog "enhanced" bushings & ball joints. The original shocks
killed 45 minutes each, even using an impact wrench, spin,spin,spin. They are shot, now saving for Hals. We jacked up the lca & released the ball joints & lowered the jack, carefully. I kept the shock in place w/ 1 bottom bolt just for cheap insurance to help keep the spring in, just in case. No problems. No rust, so everything came out relatively easy. He worked on the arms while I started taking the other side down. That's tough, very dirty work w/out a lift. Of course every new job requires a few tools or wrenches you don't have. We finally got it all back together w/ no extra bolts or nuts left, yeah. Triple checked everything and drove 35 miles home, pretty good so far. The originals were not that bad for over 100,000 miles. I had it lined up today & toe-in was only off a little bit.

I need to know the front end specs for solo II use. Are solo II only specs too aggressive for weekend driving, 7k to 10k per year. I guess neg camber is needed for quicker turn-in around the cones. Alignment mechanic said to bring him the specs & he could do it. I just need your suggestions.
Ordered my Hals today for the rear. Saving for the fronts. Hope they will help the beast turn around the cones in 2 weeks. Trying to get a 1st in f-stock. Any hints on what to set them on for the course? Man!, that's a long post. I'm going to sleep!
Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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