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Installed S&W Rollbar Pics

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Me and BrokeSS installed the 8 point roll bar this weekend from S&W. Everything fit great and went well. The only thing, we didnt install the pro runners, (rear bars that go from top of main hoop down into trunk threw the 6x9 holes) becuz we wanted S&W to change the degree of the angle a little bit. Which they did this morning, so we will add them next weekend. And then we will paint it also.

So I will now be able to go to the track and Race my Impala SS which is a B-Body and not get thrown out.

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The bars that go to the tranny tunnel are welded to the floor using the supplied 6x6 steel plates. It is mig welded!

How do u guys like the look so far??
Moose I took the car to them and had them measure. And I will be adding swingout bars. U can do that after. I wanted to see how fitment was first.

Scroll down like 4 thread and go in "those looking for roll cages" and u will see all the info!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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