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A while back I posted about installing an Aux jack in a 91-93 Caprice radio.

I later saw someone who installed a newer Delco radio out of a truck into a Roadmaster.

That prompted this write up. Also, this radio has a lot more support behind it in terms of modding and parts which is why this doubles as a "Aux install" too.

At the Spring 2014 Jefferson Swap meet and Car Show in Jefferson, WI, I bought a Delco cassette radio out of a truck, suv, Lumina or something. Could have even been out of a 95-96 Caprice. I got it for $3 and decided to mod it to fit in my 93' Caprice Classic.

(picture of the same radio as mine from

First thing to know is that the radio is the same size as a 91-93 radio: double din. The connector is the same as well.

In terms of getting in it to fit into a 91-93 caprice, hardest part is fashioning up mounting. These radios were orginally installed by screwing in screws into the two metal tabs of the radio. The caprice radio uses a plastic mount that uses three studs on the radio.

I welded on two metric screws with tapered heads to the bottom of the metal cover of the radio (with it off the radio obviously)

The radio already has the third stud but modifications have to be made to the plastic mount to make it fit with out interference.

I just used a Dermal and knife to cut up the plastic. with out doing this, the radio with fit really tight and try to push the bezel outward when you install it into the car.

After this, the radio as is is ready to be put into the radio. You with have to mess with the wiring cause the antenna cord and radio connector are switched around so the wiring will be tight and loose in some placing. There enough there not to need any modding.

For getting an Aux jack in the radio, I followed the following video:

All you need is a 5 pin (stereo) female aux jack. (example: 5 Pcs 5 Pin 3.5mm Female Audio Stereo Jack Socket PCB Panel Mount: Electronics)

You NEED 5 pin to make this work. Follow the video, it explains everything pretty well. You just need to make sure of what pins are what on your jack and solder them carefully. You will end up soldering the jack between the radio module and pre-amp.

Here's a pic of the guts of my radio after doing it:

I ended up putting the jack in the face of the radio.

It works by injecting the audio signal from your device into the pre-amp on the same circuit as the radio. The radio will "think" your device is all radio stations. To make sure that the jack does not short any of its connections to near by parts, otherwise you will get interference and it won't work. I had to wrap the tuning knob rheostat (or whatever it is) in electrical tape cause the aux jack was touching it.

It will all be a snug fit but it will work eventually.

This whole concept will work with the CD variant of the same radio, as in the video. This was my original intent but I could only find a cassette radio for now.

Here it is in the car with out the bezel:

And the final product, looks a lot better than a flashy aftermarket radio:

Be care to disconnect for battery when unplugging a radio with TheftLock, or at least I always was and was never locked out.

Any question, please just ask. I plan on adding more as I continue modding it.

I am looking for knobs for this radio if you have any. (I bought the radio without them)

Thanks for reading and bareing with the long post. Theres a lot of little details to explain. I wished I took more pics but this was the best I could do for now. Maybe one day I will do it again and take more pics.
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