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I'm glad to hear that the instant centers work. I need to install mine soon. Hopefully, Helwig rear bar is going to clear the housing.

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Well... my set is on and all I can say is WOW!!!! Before, anything over 40-50% throttle, the tires would break loose (on street tires). Now, I can go to about 70% throttle and the tires are barely spinning with the drivers side squealing more than the pass side. Good thing I have airbags and HAL shocks to tune with. Can't wait for the track!

As for installation, my set were done with the car up on jackstands. I went to Race Prep and had Bryan do all the work. He did have a few things to say about the installation. 1. You don't need to bring out the torch to bend the plates to shape. He used a hydro press and a vise with a 5 lbs mallet to get the contour right along with test fitting. After about 3 trips back to the car and press, he got the curve just right. 2. Use the LCA to align the holes. I unbolted the LCA from the rear end and put the bolt through the plates and snug them down. Then we used a jack to bring up the arm until the plates mated perfectly with the rear end. He proceeded to tack weld the plates and then removed the LCA to complete the welding. 3. He didn't weld the area where the LCA would move up and down. He thought welding them and then grinding the welds would be a waste of time and not yield anymore strength. He said that welding the outside was sufficient but welded them on the inside as well except for a 2-3" in section for the LCA.

I haven't installed my swaybar yet (HO Racing) so i can't say if it fits upside down. The SS is "fun" to drive without any sway bars now!

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Noel, I'd like to know if your HO bar fits. I know for a fact that mine does not and if yours does then I got the wrong bar. I measured it this morning and it needs to be at least 44" between the bends to clear the inside of the IC brackets. I'm faced with using the stock bar in the upper location and no bar in the lowered setting. BMR also sells a bar, however, they say it is identical to the HO bar. Therefore, the only bar that would work in the lower setting would be the Hotchkis bar as ClawSS has stated.

Good luck and let me know how it fits!

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I got the HO bar on. I had to grind on the inside corners of the bar to get it to 43 3/4" wide. It was tough to bolt on but it definitely clears the brackets now.

I just hope it's still strong enough for the twisties!

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Stump... how did you try to install it? I tried a test fitting but you can't just slip it on to see if it fits because the bar angles in. Did you loosely install one side and unbolt the other side and then moved the LCA to the axle? Did you understand that?

I haven't had time to fiddle with mine. I will leave it off for Vegas and itstall the bar in the lower position for the autocross and road race.

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Yes, that's exactly how I installed the bar (if I understand you correctly) :D ClawSS even explains this in an earlier post. You'll need to have it up on stands to do the work.

As for installing the bar for the AC and road race, you have no choice but to grind the bar to get it on in any configuration. Otherwise you'll have to use a stock or some other wider bar in the UPPER setting.

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Thanks Big Kahuna!
Welcome to join us!

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They're $ 95.00 shipped. But you need to add USD 4.00 if payed by credit card (their cost) so it's all-in-all $ 99.00, nothing else.

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I would also like to buy one of your IC brackets. I hope to be one of the lucky bolt-on few to break into the 12 sec range.


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I contacted Anders about a second set for myself and made an offer of seeing about having them made on this side of the Atlantic. I will talk to a couple metal places tomorrow and see how feasable this is.

I will be honest I had not gotten these installed yet when the deer wrecked my car
no lie the deer happend on a thursday and on saturday I was going to go down to juicedimpss's place and weld these in, obviously I did not make that trip. Current plans involve a second b-body a wagon this time and fixing the Caprice so I was going to need a second set hence PM to Anders which started all this again.

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My design of IC-brackets are for ALL control arms, not only BMR's.
It is one of the good points...

I'm discussing this with Dwayne as he mentioned and we can hope for a good solution in the near future?
That means a fabrication in the US of A, closer to u.

Meanwhile I got this morning a positive answer from my contact over here who said he could do a batch this week!!!!
I was happily surprised and that will take care of the most urgent needs.

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