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It seams we all learn alot, So here is a Question for you.

1- Could a LT4 intake be port matched to LT1 heads with all the parts associated.

2- GTP Gallant Technical Performance does a porting/polish of the stock iron heads with 2.00 (in) 1.56 (ex) which comes out to (in) 300cfm (ex) 210Ccfm @550.

3- It seams it would be more cost effective to use a TPIS intake or LT4, wishing to keep the iron heads but build them like the LT4 kit with lighter Parts and high rev springs with max rpm
between 6000-6250.

4- For our SS TQ will be the best building point for a 383 Bore 4.030 Stroke 3.750, rod length 6.000 giving a ratio of 1.60:1. Is this the best way to get the extra TQ out of a 383/396 LT1
Cam info I took off the other post's but I'll be running a High Stall TQ Convertor with 3.73 rear gear.

I know it sounds crazy but just wanted to to throw this out about the heads and all, thanks for the input.

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#1) Yes it can be done, but there is not going to be a measurable difference over a LT1 intake.

#2) OK......

#3) It would be most cost effective to port match your LT1 intake to a properly worked set of LT1 heads.

#4) If it is a N/A motor, 6" rods are fine, if considering No2, a 6' rod puts the top piston rings closer to the top of the piston, increasing chances of heat damage. Consider 5.85 or stay with a 5.75 rod
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