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Type: 194 (aka T10)
(2) under dash lights
(2) rear hanger lights
(1) glove box light
(1) trunk light
(1) license plate light

you can get different sizes (aka more LEDS per bulb) but the size is 194

Type: 74 (aka T5)
(2) rear view mirror
(2) Heater control

Type: 37
(2) vanity mirror
I'm not 100% on the size just take it out measure it and buy one that is the same length

(2) Door
(1) Doom

I suggest you get creative with the Doom and doors
my door light holders where partially melted so I used LED panels instead witch are much birther compared to the Festoon type of bulb
similar to this

I also added a 194 to the Head light control switch but one side is brighter then the other side, I might switch it for a LED panel.
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