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Can sombody tell me how to remove my whole interior properly? I don't want break any pieces. I want to remove everything, Carpet, Door panels, console, seats, Dash (pad and bottom), and rear deck. Iwant to redo my interior I am going to make Charcoal and medium gray with a few accent pieces.

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1) first couple of things to come out
a) rear seat top and bottom (pulling in certain directions and two T-47 bolts)
b) top and bottom of the dash (7mm screws)

those few steps allow you to:

2)remove plastic pillars
a) A pillars (held on by two metal clips - just pull on it)
b) B pillars (this will require some T-47 bolts being removed etc etc ... it is in two peices. the bottom is just sat in place and the top portion has one metal clip. and then you pull it DOWN)
c) remove rear speaker covers and rear sail panels. pull rear deck cover towards you (it's just chillin' there)

3) remove headliner
a)sun visors
b)center dome light ... etc etc ..
c) the rear is held up by the clothes hangers and two christmas-tree like clips.

4) carpet/seats
a) remove front seats (13mm hex-head bolts (6 per seat) ) ...
b) pull on carpet.

i did all this and am in the process of this same thing. i probably missed some stuff. but thats most of it.

i also used a plasma cutter to cut out some rusty spots and welded in some 22ga sheet metal in the spots i cut out. if you do this watch out for the spot welds and make sure to re-make them where you can. I had alot of rust around the drive side inspection plate so i fixed that. also the rattling that had been driving me nuts was the heat shield for i assume the tranny/exhaust on the driver side. it had rusted loose and was banging on the floor board.

after interior comes exterior. i can't wait till i can just park the thing and work on it. it's a daily driver that has maaaaaaajor weight reduction lol

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Thanks a whole bunch and after I am through I will be sure to post some pics. Can you tell me how to remove the dome light?

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pull on it
it's held on by two clips on each side.

maybe pinch it from front to back to relieve some pressure.
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