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I need to know how many people will be in for a group purchase on Intro Wheels. After speaking with Bryan Stern at Intro we can get a great deal at 5 people but if we can get 10 or more the price will be even better. No price has been set yet, Bryan will chime in once we get 5 and then again after 10 with pricing. Come on guys, now's the chance to get some good quality wheels for a great price.

Post up your interest here.

So Far,
1. Jayo
2. Mr. Bigss
3. I got 2
4. Mondo454
5. PIMPALA. yes, i am THAT pimpala.
6. SSAdict
7. threeimpalas

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i actually had just called brian at intro last week, and couldnt get him on the phone..

so i call him today, and he was all "dude.. somebody started a GP on the SS forum today.. check it out"

so Jayo.. put me on the list.. i just need to see if i can get my shlt together in time.

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Originally posted by IntroWheels:
Like any other Group Purchase, the price will get better with more people.
Whats your price. I know you are cheaper than the website. You quoted me once before. I want new wheels on my 94. Throw somethng out there so we know what we are working with and maybe more will want in.

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I put the word into Bryan and we will see what he says.

Also, if anyone wants anything larger then a 10" wide :D wheel they can make them up to 15" wide :eek: at an extra 375.00 per wheel.

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Okay here is how I will break it down. I normally sell wheels at the following price:

17 - 1600
18 - 2000
19 - 2300
20 - 2500
22 - 3000
24 - 3800

For the GP, if we have 5 sales, I will do the wheels for the following price:

17 - 1400
18 - 1800
19 - 2100
20 - 2300
22 - 2800
24 - 3600

If we can get 10 sales, I will do the same price, but include shipping. Sound good to everyone?

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Put me down for a set of Twisted Vista in 18x9 and 18x10. Is there any chance I can get them polished instead of chrome?


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Originally posted by Aser:
Is there any chance I can get them polished instead of chrome?
They're all polished. No chrome. That's what top-shelf billet looks like when it's clean and polished.
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