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Is anybody out there

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I only got into the forum about 3 or 4 years ago. I got my 96 DCM Impala about 6 or 7 years ago. I got it with 63,000 miles and it currently has 75,000 miles. I wish I would have known about the forum years ago. I loved reading all the posts a couple years ago. Now it seems to have dwindled down. Is anybody still out there?

Recently I was in contact with maesstro who was helping me with seat cover info. Can anybody add any help as to where I can get quality replacement seat covers and new carpeting?

A year ago I bought a 95 with a speedo that doesn't work and power steering that doesn't work. What are my options, any help would be greatly appreciate any help.

Thanks Guys Jim
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I would ask for some detailed feedback from those who have gone with both katzkins and Depending on your location, you may be able to actually see first hand the finished product. Another option is to find a good local upholsterer and have him rebuild the covers himself. Any good one should be able to do it, though they may not have the ability to embroider the logos for you. Another advantage to going that route is you can choose from a variety of materials- there is some really high quality synthetic stuff out there now that is soft, and would require less maintenance than leather.
I have also read on here that if your seat bottms foam is getting a little tired you can replace it with the foam from a passenger side seat (which will usually have less wear) Im not sure if new foam is still available.
Nope, new foam is gone, but any good upholsterer will bolster the worn out foam with new stuff. I've personally wondered about adding tempurpedic material. I don't know whether that would really work though...
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