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ISSCA 2012 Nats - Back in The Motor City by popular demand!

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Yes it's true. We listened to the feedback and the 2011 Nats hosted by ISSCA and MISSL were, as per the members, a huge hit!

So ISSCA is officially announcing the 2012 Nationals will be heading back to The Motor City! MISSL did such a great job in 2011 that they will be running the show once more in 2012. Don Lambert and the MISSL crew did an outstanding job and were gracious enough to offer to throw the party once again for 2012. After all the hard work to get 2011 going ISSCA and MISSL can build on the hugely positive feedback of 2011 and fine tune it to make 2012 the best Nats yet! Of course it will once again center around the 2012 Woodward Dream Cruise. This is what's known as a WIN-WIN!

So...who's in?

BTW, it's never to early to black out these approximate dates on your calendar kids:

Tuesday August 14th - Saturday August 18th 2012

Terry and BK yukkin it up at triple digit speeds at 2011 Nats...
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I am all paid up!!

Will I get something in the mail confirming my spot, Don?

Last year we had a waiting list for parking spots. I'll let you know when that happens and you can resell your spot.

Parking passes will be picked up on site at the host hotel.

I'm behind on sending confirmation emails for MISSL. Pat would be sending them for ISSCA.

Black Sunshine is all caught up on the membership fees, event registrations, t-shirts, parking space and a couple plates of chow. Let me know how else we can help.
All registered up!
Only two weeks left to register for the 2012 Impala SS Clubs of America Nationals.
I'm in!:D
More people need to sign up, weren't there over a hundred registered last year?

Looks like it's still under 50 at the moment...

So stop procrastinating folks, there will be a good time had by all :D
So stop procrastinating folks, there will be a good time had by all :D
If you show up in a Crossfire, maybe not so much... :D
Road course info/questions/car prep

Hey BK or others in charge!

I was thinking about starting a thread concerning the road course day, covering basic info, suggestions for car prep, etc, since I know there are some that aren't very familiar with HPDE type stuff, and folks like me who are first time Nats participants and curious to how the event will be set up, as far as run session times, etc.

Let me know what you think!
Look forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks and hoping we have some nice, dry weather that week.

61 - 69 of 69 Posts
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