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ISSCA 2014 Nats are a go! July 30-Aug 2 back in Charlotte!

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It's official. The ISSCA 2014 Nats are a go! July 30-Aug 2 back in Charlotte!

More info coming soon but here's the basic info...

March, 2014

Dear ISSCA Members,

2014 Nationals: ISSCA is proud to officially announce the dates for the 2014 ISSCA Nationals at Charlotte Motor Speedway and zMax Dragway from Wednesday, July 30th through Saturday, August 2nd. We think 2014 will be even better than the 2013 event as we have added some more fun events and locales for your to enjoy. Our local host club CARISSMA has once again done a great job of getting ISSCA lined up for a great week. Among the new things are a scheduled Poker Run with prizes awarded to the best team on Wednesday (coinciding with Dyno Day) and the car show will be at Hendrick Motor Sports including a Hendrick hand-picked winner as well as the legendary Hendrick Impalas on display. Additionally, Richie Parker will be a guest judge again and displaying his own Impala(s) at the show. Much more to come but we wanted to let you know this event is going to be bigger and better than last year and we can’t wait! Stay tuned, the website will be live soon for registration.
One topic still under discussion is the road course. We are negotiating with Charlotte Motor Speedway for the ROVAL, a much bigger road course where we would be up on the high bank oval in turns 1 and 2 at CMS. However this will cost ISSCA up to an additional $10,000 so we will set up a pricing structure to see how many are interested and want to incur a greater cost to go on a fantastic road course. CMS has been working with us and the good news is we don’t have to make a decision on having the same road course as last year or doing the ROVAL. That will be determined by the members registration. If we collect money from you towards the ROVAL and we stay with last year’s infield course that money will be refunded to the members so there is no risk involved.

ISSCA Auction: As you know we had some products donated by our good friends at Street Trends and there are still a few items left. We auctioned off a few items already to the members who attended Nationals but now we are opening it up to all ISSCA members. Please go to to view and hopefully bid on the items that you like.

ISSCA Renewal: Reminder to please please please renew your 2014 ISSCA Membership. We can’t do this without your support. Go to or directly to If you don’t remember your ISSCA number don’t worry. Just enter 9999 in the box and we will look it up for you.
Thanks and please stay tuned for more info coming for 2014.

Bill DeBlasio
Bill DeBlasio
ISSCA President
[email protected]
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In like Flint!:D
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