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ISSCA ALIVE as of JAN 1, 2010!!!

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If you are reading this, you obviously still have an interest in the B Body community, and we want you to know “We’re back” (ISSCA being we). Our primary focus has not changed, we are committed to the continued appreciation of the ’91 to ’96 B and D body GM “pleasure vehicles.” The club’s official name is now “Impala SS Clubs of America,” and is open to all Impala owners and enthusiasts, regardless of year.

As you may have heard, a group of past and new Officers and Directors have been working our SS’s off to continue the vision of a national club that began in the ‘90’s and is still pertinent today. We are asking for your support and more importantly encouragement for us to continue this, as we still believe there is a need for a National entity through which we can share information, experiences, and camaraderie.

Our new website (still in the building stages, but functional) can be found at A Welcome Statement is found in the home page, as well as links to a Regions map, Mission Statement and By-Laws. The Charter Club page is still under construction….and additional pages and links will be added over the next few weeks.

Most importantly, there is a link to a membership application. This is where you can begin to show support right away. If you are a past member, you will keep your old membership number. We are working to add a “members only” link in the near future for a web based magazine, to keep the costs to a minimum by reducing mailing expenses. You will receive a membership package with ID card and ISSCA logo sticker.

We look forward to your support, and should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact any of us through the contact page of the ISSCA Website

Thanks, and we look forward to your future participation in ISSCA.

Bob Fandetti
Director, Region 9
ISSCA Public Relations Officer
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I joined yesterday afternoon

Tom Dinkel
96 BBB
Herd V.P.
Whoever (ISSCA official mouthpiece) is spearheading disseminating the announcement about this should seriously consider getting off their arse cwm1 and start making announcements on all the other forums, yahoo club groups, etc.


I have been trying to get it out, but people like Terry, Bob Lane, and yourself have jumped in and beat me to it in many cases. I am planning on getting the Chartered Club contact addresses together where possible. Don't forget, I can't post on all club sites, as I am not a member of all clubs. I will be trying to set up a new charter club yahoo site to get info out about the club and transfer any Charter Club's info.

Additionally, we will be sending an e-mailing to everyone listed in the membership records letting them know what's going on. As far as Membership numbers, a bunch of folks have shown an interest in getting their old number back, so that is how we have started the registration process. I will have to check and see about numbers asking in "69" (but no promises, I don't assign the numbers).

I ask you to continue to help spread the news though, please!

Best regards,
I agree with Gene. I will help by passing the information to the Impala websites I spend time on.

long time lurker / listener... First time member! Happy to join the group! cwm4

Thanks for the ideas Gene! We have a plan and are diligently working on rolling that out. We felt it would be best to notify the group here first. You folks weathered the storm and the lull the longest and felt you deserved to be the first in line. We also call upon members like yourself to spread the word for as Bob mentioned we cannot post on all clubs sites due to membership constraints. Please also take a moment to review the by laws, mission statement and note the name change specifically the 's' in CLUBS. WE are committed to working with all Impala Clubs and have not ruled out any year vehicle that carry the Impala or Impala SS badge. Note we made provisions for our strong core group of '91-96 B-Body enthusiasts! So again, please feel to spread the word about ISSCA as well as send any Officer or Director an e-mail with questions. Were here for ya and want to see you have a fun enjoyable experience with your Impala! If we can't directly help with that were sure someone can for there are a host of great folks out there willing to help and know many vendors committed to supporting the Impala cars. Let the fun begin!
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Is Chino still involved and if so would ISSCA be willing to do a few spots on some Cali Cars from his visit out here a few years back?
I've talked to Chino many times abouI this. I know Chino has a lot of photo sets ready for full story publication. His biggest problem completing stories was getting the car owners to do their write ups. I know he'd love to hear from some folks that he's shot and new ones, too!

I think print mags are a thing of the past with a few exceptions. Wouldn't the club be best served, at least intially, by doing an on-line version of the magazine? Share magazine advertsing links with all the forums, etc. Bigger viewer base and a way to quantify site hits and sell advertising. Then link up with some on-line print house (hundreds of them around) that will print a particular edition for the member that wants a hard copy with a small cut going to the club. We are drunken (well, some of us), hot rod owners, not magazine publishers.
Gene good points.

We would LOVE to put out a printed mag! It would be awesome.

The facts are we need to get membership UP and then we can look into it. Right now we aren't even close to getting a magazine but we are looking into an e-version that members can download.

Also, to address Thump, don't feel bad Chino did many shoots. The old ISSCA had great ideas but they ran out of money so there are quite a few shoots including 2008 Nats in StLoo that might never see the light of day. Sad but true.

Of course I am sure you know there are thousands of magazine shoots every year that never see the light of day due to budgets/deadlines/etc but we are trying our best to get as many people involved as possible to make this new organization work.

I can honestly say we have been working hard to make progress and this crew genuinely like each other and try and have some fun working on this stuff. No politics, no BS, we are just trying to get something together.

We are all volunteers and we have NO staff at the moment but the best way would be to join ISSCA to support the cause. I know we don't have a lot to offer you at first in the beginning in terms of magazines etc but our first order of business will try to get a national event going and look into group insurance the clubs can use for their events. Hopefully we can do something later this year in terms of a national event.

As stated, please be patient as we get the ball rolling. We are a BRAND NEW organization with no legal affiliation with the previous management so we are going it alone.

Here is what I ask of you...please volunteer to get involved.

Whether as a local regional Director, a contributor to the e-SScene with articles to write, etc, we need assistance.

Thanks for your patience. We are in good hands with Ed Bowser as the Prez.
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BTW, check THIS out...pretty cool, right?

a little ink for our Imps


From: Christopher Smith <[email protected]>
Subject: 1994-1996 Impala SS information (Sent From
To: [email protected]
Date: Monday, January 11, 2010, 3:50 PM

Greetings Ed:

My name is Christopher Smith; I'm a freelance journalist and regular contributor to Winding Road magazine ( I'm looking for someone in the 94-96 Impala SS community to tap for basic knowledge on these cars. Think of it as a mini-buying guide for someone looking to purchase a 94-96 Impala SS. In short, what are the common problems potential buyers should look for? Just the big stuff, like weak transmissions, etc. I'm not quite as up-to-date on my LT1 knowledge as I should be; did the Impala suffer the same opti-spark issues that the 'maro and 'vette had to deal with?

Anyway, if you can hit me back as soon as you can that would be great. Like I said, nothing big, just looking for some of the basics that Impala shoppers should keep in mind. I pen the "Keepers" series for Winding Road--it's a three-part series that talks briefly about the car in part one, shopping/buyers tips in part two, and the enthusiast community in part three. The 94-96 community seems a little fragmented, but I was very happy to find a national club; you can bet I'll be mentioning your group in part three.

Thanks much for any info you can offer. You can catch the articles right on the main page of Part one is already up, and basically part two will go up as soon as I pin down common SS problems.

Best Regards,

Christopher Smith
[email protected]
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BK - That is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

Here is what I ask of you...please volunteer to get involved
I did :D
Thanks Jim, looking forward to seeing you in "chat" on Tuesday nights. The more the merrier.

Do you have an AIM AOL Instant Messaging screen name yet?

If not, please create one (it's free). Go to
BK, Didn't know about that. I'll create it and talk to you then.

Edit - I'm signed up. Let me know where to go on Tuesday.
registered today! Glad its all back online:D
Just joined!!!

Sure would like to get my old number back. It was 360


1996 Impala SS DGGM
2002 Camaro SS
1968 Camaro SS/RS L78
2009 GMC Sierra 1500
Here are all 3 of the Winding Road articles about the SS, complete with ISSF and ISSCA references!!!
Renewededed....old member #1041.

Thanks for the support!


Thanks for your show of support by joining ISSCA and being part of the re-birth! yup, you are making it happen just as much as the Directors and Officers by jumping aboard with and sharing your obviously positive vibes!

For those of you that have asked............Yes, by all means, you get your old number when you re-up.

Thanks again to all..........keep visiting the Web site as more info is added regarding ISSCA's growth, Charter Clubs, Future Events (......yeah, including a Nationals.......), and Regional news and happenings.

Thanks again,
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