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ISSCA ALIVE as of JAN 1, 2010!!!

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If you are reading this, you obviously still have an interest in the B Body community, and we want you to know “We’re back” (ISSCA being we). Our primary focus has not changed, we are committed to the continued appreciation of the ’91 to ’96 B and D body GM “pleasure vehicles.” The club’s official name is now “Impala SS Clubs of America,” and is open to all Impala owners and enthusiasts, regardless of year.

As you may have heard, a group of past and new Officers and Directors have been working our SS’s off to continue the vision of a national club that began in the ‘90’s and is still pertinent today. We are asking for your support and more importantly encouragement for us to continue this, as we still believe there is a need for a National entity through which we can share information, experiences, and camaraderie.

Our new website (still in the building stages, but functional) can be found at A Welcome Statement is found in the home page, as well as links to a Regions map, Mission Statement and By-Laws. The Charter Club page is still under construction….and additional pages and links will be added over the next few weeks.

Most importantly, there is a link to a membership application. This is where you can begin to show support right away. If you are a past member, you will keep your old membership number. We are working to add a “members only” link in the near future for a web based magazine, to keep the costs to a minimum by reducing mailing expenses. You will receive a membership package with ID card and ISSCA logo sticker.

We look forward to your support, and should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact any of us through the contact page of the ISSCA Website

Thanks, and we look forward to your future participation in ISSCA.

Bob Fandetti
Director, Region 9
ISSCA Public Relations Officer
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as long as the pink flamingos are there, i'll be sure to bring a seat haha!
Renewededed....old member #1041.

Cool number. You must have joined the same month as I did - I am #1047
Joined yesterday!
^^^ Good deal, thanks for joining up!
New member over here. Glad to support and be part of the group!
Just joined. :D
Any word on when the literature and decals are gonna get sent out? Just wondering.

Thanks again!
Registered!! (again)

Old# 02091
Registered!! (again)

Old# 02091

Welcome back and thanks for the support!
Membership Kits

Any word on when the literature and decals are gonna get sent out? Just wondering.

Thanks again!
I am waiting for the laminate sheets for the membership cards, then they will be out to all!

Thanks for your patience!
Thanks for the update, Bob. I got your email welcome, also.

Great! I'm in too. My original number was 797.
Ok we're back in.....thanks to those who have worked hard to bring ISSCA back.
I think we were member #300.
Thanks T & S!


Remember, you have to JOIN ISSCA to be able to attend the Nationals...

$30 dollars annual membership gets you the Impala SScene (finally back in production with a kick-butt e-version) among other things including the Nationals near New Orleans this Sept 24-26.

This just in from Bobo, ISSCA Public Relations Officer:

Hello all! Keep on the lookout for your membership badge, welcome letter, and ISSCA sticker in the mail! After a few false starts with an un-cooperative laminating machine the first mailing has gone, and if you haven't received your membership kit yet, hang in there and you should see it shortly. We have to thank Gary Cardarelli's Sister-in-law for the really cool (I think) background for the membership badge this year. I'd like to throw out the challenge to any of you creative members out there to submit ideas for next year's membership badge background. I think it would be neat to have a different background each year!

Bob Fandetti, Director, Region 9, and Public Relations Officer.

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Member cards & packets

Remember R-D Racing builds transmissions... not laminating machines... apparently our resident "nuclear scientist" guy has a hard time with simple machinery...

but hey be glad BK was not assembling the packets or you would receive shredded paper ;)

Rest assured member packets are on their way!
I'm lucky I can find the "on" button to this crazy interweb machine some days!
Finally reg.

ISSCA member once again.

looking forward to new beginnings.
Jim (BAD IMP) we also look forward to your guideance for our region. ;)
thank you ImpreSSive!

look who else is back...

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Hey I'm back in too!!
COmputer issues due to a new move keeping me offline most times.
Orig # 1322(I think)
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