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ISSCA ALIVE as of JAN 1, 2010!!!

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If you are reading this, you obviously still have an interest in the B Body community, and we want you to know “We’re back” (ISSCA being we). Our primary focus has not changed, we are committed to the continued appreciation of the ’91 to ’96 B and D body GM “pleasure vehicles.” The club’s official name is now “Impala SS Clubs of America,” and is open to all Impala owners and enthusiasts, regardless of year.

As you may have heard, a group of past and new Officers and Directors have been working our SS’s off to continue the vision of a national club that began in the ‘90’s and is still pertinent today. We are asking for your support and more importantly encouragement for us to continue this, as we still believe there is a need for a National entity through which we can share information, experiences, and camaraderie.

Our new website (still in the building stages, but functional) can be found at A Welcome Statement is found in the home page, as well as links to a Regions map, Mission Statement and By-Laws. The Charter Club page is still under construction….and additional pages and links will be added over the next few weeks.

Most importantly, there is a link to a membership application. This is where you can begin to show support right away. If you are a past member, you will keep your old membership number. We are working to add a “members only” link in the near future for a web based magazine, to keep the costs to a minimum by reducing mailing expenses. You will receive a membership package with ID card and ISSCA logo sticker.

We look forward to your support, and should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact any of us through the contact page of the ISSCA Website

Thanks, and we look forward to your future participation in ISSCA.

Bob Fandetti
Director, Region 9
ISSCA Public Relations Officer
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YOINK!! Page 3..the MISK boils over. :D
going on 4 months without any emails or mail with member number ETC....should I just say this is lost money at this point?
iam waiting as well i have not received anything ..........
Hey guys PM me your name and email address you registered under and I will find out what happened. :(
Membership Kits!


Sorry if I missed anyone on the welcome e-mails, I've been bouncing back and forth between those and actual mailings. I only have around 10 left to send out (ran out of stamps).....but I know a Brooklyn went out end of last week, to Mike and one to a Paul in Avon.........

Is this you guys?

Bob Fandetti
Membership Kits!

Sorry, I meant Chris in Beecher, sorry.............been a long day...........

Received my Membership Card and ISSCA Decal today. So others should be getting theirs soon. Thanks Bob.

Dale #403
Still waiting on mine as well. My location shows Avon on here, but the address I signed up with says Indianapolis.

I Just thought I'd let you know I haven't recieved anything yet, looks like they are coming though. :)

Got my stuff today! Member #2300

I am yet to receive mine either. Hope I was not passed up! :(
Got mine in yesterday's mail, suckas! With my name spelled wrong. :( I don't care, though. I'm still going to nats and that Eric guy can pound sand,
Got mine in yesterday's mail, suckas! With my name spelled wrong. :( I don't care, though. I'm still going to nats and that Eric guy can pound sand,
Don't feel bad. Bob goes by "Bobo" because he can't spell "Fandetti". You're lucky he spelled your address right. :D
I think print mags are a thing of the past with a few exceptions. Wouldn't the club be best served, at least intially, by doing an on-line version of the magazine?

We are drunken (well, some of us), hot rod owners, not magazine publishers.
Geno, your wish is our command...ENJOY!

This just in from "The Gambler":

Please forward this link to all clubs in your region and any and all Impala owners.
ISSCA Spring 2010 Newsletter


Ken Rogers
Editor, Impala SScene

Whoever (ISSCA official mouthpiece) is spearheading disseminating the announcement about this should start making announcements on all the other forums, yahoo club groups, etc.
Gene we are in the process of setting up a Yahoo group distro for all ISSCA members to stay in touch with us and so we can get to them quicker. Stay tuned.
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Sorry, I meant Chris in Beecher, sorry.............been a long day...........

Yep thats me got it today thanks alotcwm4
:( Havent recieved mine yet!\O/
Send me a PM with your name and address and I will verify.

ISSCA Secretary

:( Havent recieved mine yet!O/
I got mine! I got mine! I got mine!

Thanksssssssss Guysssssssssss!
Mine came in the mail yesterday!
Membership Mailings!


Please post here again if you still have not received your membership stuff. Erik, I will send out a new card with the proper spelling, sorry (two typos out of 160+ members is not too bad for an Italian!)

Thanks for everyone's patience......and for faster connection to beat on me, use [email protected]
I got mine..thanks so much for the hard work and effort!
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