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Hello All,
Does anyone know when the 2011 ISSCA show judging sheets will be mailed out?Also,when the awards for those who did not receive theirs at the show? Thanks much,Jim
I have reviewed the list of awards and sent a message today to folks who did not get their car show plaque. Will arrange to get the plaques to them. If you won a car show award, did not receive it AND did not get a mail message from me send me a PM.

Never a plan, nor representation, to mail out judging sheet that I am aware of. After other post Nationals task are taken care of I will find time to scan the sheets and make available (unless the car show head judge say this is a no-no).

Awards were ordered Sep 7 and will be direct mailed to folks. Will post an update when vendor starts mailing them out. Everyone who did not get their award at the event should have received an email from me confirming their award and mailing address.

Update Sep 20th:
Vendor should start shipping awards on Monday Sep. 26th.

ISSCA Treasurer
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