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This club has some terrific leaders who do an admirable job of keeping it alive and beneficial to us all. In accordance with the ISSCA bylaws, an election of Directors to continue those duties must be conducted each year. Normally, the ballots go out by October 1, but the Board of Directors allowed some additional time this year to get the job done.

There are two Directors in each Region, with staggered two-year terms, so that one is up for election each year. Currently there are openings in several Regions and it is important to the club to have a voice for every Region in the club's leadership.

If you care about this club, want to see it continue to be fun, interesting and infomative for the B-body community, and if you want to have a voice in how all that is accomplished, please consider tossing your hat in the ring as a nominee for a Directorship in your Region of the country. The ballot is being constructed now, and there still are openings in several Regions to be filled with candidates.

Directors meet face-to-face a couple times per year and conduct online chat meetings twice per month. We communicate openly and candidly via email and phone, and each member of the Board has equal opportunity for input on all issues that come before your national club. Directors bring the thoughts and attitudes of their Region's members to the Board, but represent all of ISSCA in voicing questions, concerns and opinions to the ISSCA leadership of which they are a part.

Is ISSCA important to you? Do you want to ensure the members in your area have representation to the national club? Can you give a couple hours twice a month and take an occasional committee assignment for the good of the club? This is meaningful work, but it is also great FUN to be a part of the planning for the future of your club and the continuing impact of a national voice for our interests.

Step up to be an active part of the organization, and not just an idle observer. This club will only survive if every member is willing to take his/her turn at helping to make it survive. Your turn is now! You can contact your Regional Director to express interest, drop me or any of the other members of the ISSCA Nominating Committee a note (we are Bob Fandetti, Dodie Sheffield, Paul Roswell, Harvey Clark and Rick Williams), or even post up here. Time is short, and we want everyone who has ANY interest to know that they are welcome to be considered by the membership to represent the club.
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