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ISSCA Club Stickers

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For those ISSCA members that did not make it to NATS... a little consolation prize will be in your mailbox soon... Keep an eye out for your new ISSCA Club Logo stickers! I must confess... I had intentions of getting to ya way before NATS but as it goes Life happens... I want to thank Mike Kender for leading the charge on this one. These are great quality, high color, visible with any tint (or none) stickers using Oliver Howe's design. Extra pairs will be available and we'll get a form and check out page for these on our website soon (I'll announce when done). Thanks again guys for your work.

Ed Bowser

P.S. if you signed up after mid July, we owe you a member packet - stickers will be in that packet... you can understand we were focused on getting NATS last details all in order and wanted to stay focused on that... rest assured we did not forget you.
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Got mine. Thanx!
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