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Would there be a demand for fender covers with the ISSCA logo on them? I was thinking something along the lines of nice rubber-backed vinyl with the ISSCA logo printed on them. I'm guessing black fender covers would be the easiest to make, though DCM and DGM covers would look cool too :cool:

The college where I take classes and work at has fender covers with the auto program's logo on it, that are nice heavy vinyl covers. The auto department has a stock pile of them, and use is mandatory any time a car is being worked upon. They are also available for sale at $15 each, or $25 a pair.

I'm guessing that if we can get them made, they can be sold for similar prices.

I do NOT have the ability to get the covers made, though I can look into how and where the college got theirs done. I'd just thought that I'd post my idea.
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