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ISSCA has added a Drag Race class to the Car Show

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For the 2013 ISSCA Nationals the BOD has decided to add a fun car show class for Drag Race cars only. To be eligible for the Drag Race class you must compete in the drag races during the ISSCA Nationals. This class is not for those interested in the traditional ISSCA Car Show. If the only reason you wax your car is to make it faster, then this class is for you.

Judging for this class will be done by the Drag Race Stewards and the ruling of the judges is final. Don’t like their decisions? Then you’re at the wrong portion of the car show.

This class will not count towards the Best of ISSCA award. Trophies wil be awarded.

Drag Race Car Show Rules.

10 Points for each pass made during the Nationals in competition.

Was the car driven to the event?
5 points - 14 seconds or slower
10 points - 13 seconds or faster
20 points - 12 seconds or faster
30 points - 11 seconds or faster
50 points - 10 seconds or faster

Was the car trailered to the event?
10 points

Rubber snot on the fenders?
5 Points

Catastrophic failures during the drag races (ie cars that can’t make it off the trailer).
35 Points
10 Bonus points for visible carnage

Is home plate missing?
5 points
10 points for missing A/C.
20 points for wiper delete.
Other missing parts?
1 point each (you may have to point out missing parts)

Modified stock parts? A part that was repurposed for a new task. Example windshield washer bottle converted for Water/Methanol Injection
10-20 points each based on awesomeness

Custom made parts?
10 points each

Does it still run on pump gas?
10 points

Does it run on race gas only?
20 points

Clean nitrous installation?
10 points

Roll Cage
25 points
20 points
Fire Extinguisher
10 points each
Emergency Shut-off Switch at Rear
10 points
Additioanal Saftey Equipment?
1 point each

Does it look fast?
5 points
Is it a sleeper?
10 points
Did it compete in all the events?
10 points

Is it registered and street legal?
- 20 penalty points
10 points for being unregistered/uninspected
1 bonus point for every non-street legal thing owner can point out

Faded or peeling paint
5 points
Caprice painted Brown
13 points
No paint at all / primered
10 points
Some painted panels, some not, multicolored
20 points
Missing interior parts to save weight
5 points per seat, per door panel
5 points Radio delete

Non-matching wheels front to back (race wheels on back)
5 points

Additional gauges or instruments
2 points each

Aftermarket Tach
1 point for each inch of over 3 inches.

Every new or rebuilt motor
5 points (honor system)

Every new or rebuilt Trans (auto or T-56)
5 points (honor system)

ECIRS Registration Decal
10 points

3" or larger exhaust
10 points

No exhaust
15 points

Additional bonus points and penalty points may be award at the Judges discretion.
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