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What is the possibility of putting the posting the final choices for a vote?
Just wondering


Eric "Ragnarr" Edelmann
95 DCM --SSRI--Powermaster 200 Amp Alt
Jet Air Foil--Resonator Delete--Flowmaster Mufflers
Many More on the Way...I hope
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Yeah, I also think it'd be nice if the current paid ISSCA members could vote on which is the best logo (of the Board approved ones of course). Would this be possible?
Well, too late

The logo was voted on on Friday, and we have a winner!

Hopefully, we will have it unveiled VERY shortly. It is an extremely good looking design, and will work well on stickers, shirts, hats, pins, paper, etc.

The designer of the winning logo is Lauren Sellers of Lexington KY. Lauren and her husband Ron are owners of a VERY nice BBB SS that is, well, "not stock"

Like I said, hope to have it unveiled VERY shortly!


Ed Runnion -- Santa Clara CA -- 96 BBB, Many Mods
[email protected]
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Hell, throw it on the scanner and post it here.

I can hardly wait to see it.

Why not ask anyone who entered to post their entries? We can do a post "show and tell" and see what kind of entries there were.

Anyone else who entered interested in doing this?

I wouldn't mind bragging about mine. Since Ed said it was Lauren let's see what people turned in.

Could be kind of fun!

Mark Miller
96DCM, HOSS#227 / NAISSO#3181 / ISSCA #109

Hooker cat-back, Hooker Super Comp headers, Dr Gas X crossover, custom tips, power pulleys, home plate delete, corvette fuel rail covers, 1LE elbow, G2 airfoil, G2 intake pipe, honeycomb delete MAF, K&N cone filter, Cool Flex hoses, tinted glass, Webasto Starlite V sunroof, Bilsteins, Walbro fuel pump, modified stock fuel pressure to 45PSI, MSD 8.5 mm ignition wires, brake proportioning mod, more to come...

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AutocroSSer:
Like I said, hope to have it unveiled VERY shortly!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Hey Ed, so is there a ribbon cutting we're waiting for or something ??




Gerry Massie - Norfolk, VA - '96 DCM "FASST SS" - ISSCA #110 - Now part of the 'Signature Series'
Grotyohann headers, SSRI, cat delete, Race Magnums and H-pipe and lotSS more...
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We're still working on it.....chances are it'll be unveiled first in Impala SScene (coming sooner than you think
) and then shortly afterwards on the web etc....

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Hey Ed, that logo is really classy, man. Good job, whoever came up with that! Need a sticker now.....
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