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ISSCA is nearing its first full year in existence. Shortly, membership renewal requests will start coming to you in the mail--generally within 2 months of the expiration of your current membership. Yes, we are already late!!! :)

If you know you plan to renew for another year, please consider doing it now--since these mailings cost the club postage that we would really like to be able to avoid.

It is now possible to renew online on the ISSCA website,, or via the ISSCA toll-free "hotline" which operates Monday through Friday during regular hours (CST), if you want to call in a renewal. The number is 866 ISSCA4U (866 477-2248).

We've been attempting to do an address validation during the voting process, but not everyone is "cooperating". If you have moved, and/or know you have a problem with the address that ISSCA currently has on file, please take a moment to notify us of the change.

Not everyone sees these posts, so we know that mailings will still be necessary. But keep the renewal of your ISSCA member status in mind anyway--especially as you are making your Christmas wish list! :)

We hope to see you back for another year, and while you are at it, try to find another B-body enthusiast and recruit them into the club too!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday--with all that has happened recently, many, perhaps including some amongst us, have no doubt been affected, but we still have much to be thankful for.

Be careful out there, and happy modding over the winter!

Bill Harper
for the interim board
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