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ok how do I get the membership, and what comes with it?? I really just want the mag it a mag every month or what??? TIA, Jason

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96, I agree with you that Impala SScene is one of the best benefits of ISSCA membership. ROKTMAN gave you the correct site to go to…..but there is more. The Editor of Impala SScene is Chris Nickell and he does a terrific job. His job as editor is a non-paid, volunteer position and I commend him for it! However, if all you want is the magazine, you are missing a bunch of the benefits. If you go on the forum ( you are getting another of the benefits. The ISSCA web site will be updated more regularly to inform you of actions of the Board. The web site will also have a new “Members Only” section for additional benefits and information. We will have the largest archive of Impala technical information on the planet. The material has been compiled (over 350 pages of info) and we are reviewing the process to have it available to members. If you missed the Tulsa National event, you surely do not want to miss the 2004 Vegas SShowdown, June 23-25, 2004! I hope you are a member of a local/regional Impala/B-body club. If so, you can get additional recognition and benefits if you are a Chartered Club of ISSCA. Please join ISSCA by going to:
Here are the benefits as shown on the ISSCA web site:

Magazine- Mailed Bi-monthly
• Event schedules and results
• Question and answer column
• Club news (National and Regional)
• Classified ads for members
• Commercial advertising
• Club listings with contact phone numbers and addresses
• Fallen Deer information
• Technical articles-from members and Tech Editor Ed Runnion
• Car and member features
Membership Services
• Record keeping and statistics
• Logo stuff (t-shirts, hats, etc.)
• Website: bulletin board, tech section, info on membership and renewals,
• Judging standards (Classes, Judging certification, rules)
• Event coordination
• Membership identification (Membership cards, decals, badges, discount programs)
• Common goals and information sharing
• Local assistance- funds to Chartered Clubs, support on events

ISSCA Nationals- Drag races, road racing, autocross, car show, sound off, team & club competition
• Hosted by chartered clubs
• Full support and organization by national club
• Sanctioned events (2 or more)-Sanctioned by ISSCA, hosted by Chartered clubs. Insurance and organization with ISSCA guidelines.

Administrative Assistance

• Guidelines for local club bylaws
• Duties of local officers
• Assistance in acquiring insurance
• Sharing national sponsorship with local chartered clubs
Chartered Club Benefits
• Liability insurance coverage
• Free web space
• Member notification
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