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Hey Car Showers
Well... All you have to do is summit a PACKAGE to the ISSCA BoD's for a National Event !! Take in consideration that it should have facilities for all the events in a relative close proximity to a Central located Hotel. It would also be nice to have Family Activities close in the area also.
The More Events Proposed, the More to choose from.
Make it a Bidding/Selection Process like the Olympics do.
Who knows !! Maybe, there Could Be More National Events a Year.
And, also Remember...ImpalaFest in Arlington, Texas is held at the GM Plant There Every Year ( Home Of the Super Sport...HOSS) , the last wknd. in Sept. (except this year) and Is Considered by most as a National Event, "The Homecoming".
There are a lot of Other Regional Events held around the country also,
So IF your would like to see Your Regional Event become a National Event, get a Package together and Sumitt it to the BoD's !! You know Me, I'll Drive to Wherever it is !!

(as long as the Javelinas let me through LOL-LOL ) Thats why I have over 114K+ miles on My Impala and Counting !!
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