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ISSCA Nationals 2022 — July 13-16, Memphis TN!!!

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Click here for details and don't forget to register with ISSCA!:

ISSCA Nationals 2022

ISSCA Nationals 2022 — July 13-16, Memphis TN

Wednesday 7-13Registration Check-InLocation TBD
Thursday 07-14Autocross (day), Drag Racing (evening)Memphis International Raceway
Friday 7-15Road Course (day)Memphis International Raceway
Saturday 7-16Car Show (day), Awards Banquet (evening)Locations TBD

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That is sad news!
I was planning to attend with my car that should be completed as well.
Now I need somewhere to drive this summer...
Is anyone considering the Hot Rod Power Tour in June?
June certainly doesn’t work as well for my work schedule but if this car actually runs again, I will have to get my rocks off somewhere...
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The Power Tour has certainly been on my bucket list since it started. That is a terrible time for me to be missing work, so learning about the GM Nationals in Carlisle is super interesting. In addition to being only a weekend event, it is also less that 4 hours from my house.
I guess it really depends on my money situation and how my car comes out (by that date). If the car is reliable and quick by then, I might have to show it off on the Power Tour (and *uck work). If the car has bugs, needs more work, or is embarrassingly slow, I just might drive it to the GM Nationals and walk the show to get my fix.
I would certainly be swayed to join my fellow Impala enthusiasts if any of you all decide to attend one event, or the other.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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