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ISSCA Nats 2005 racing at Island Dragway, NJ

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Starting to get pumped up just thinking about this year's ISSCA nats and the great venue we have. The Pocono Mountains are a great vacation setting. But to add to our pleasure, the racing venues are quite awesome. I cannot comment on Pocono raceway for the road course since I'm not a road racer. But I can comment on the drag racing venue, Island Dragway in Great Meadows NJ.

ECIRS raced at Island 2 times in 2004. I for one was very impressed with the staff. The starting line was very well groomed. I was speaking to the managers a few days ago, (Kathy and Tony), and I mentioned how we, ECIRS, appreciated how they dragged and groomed and sprayed the track just prior to each round of ECIRS racing. I have never seen a track do that for a small car club. They said that that is what they expect a track staff to do, (keep the track groomed). They will be giving the same good grooming for our private ISSCA track rental on July 12th so look forward to pretty good traction considering 150 street tired heavy cars will be trying to take all the stick away... LOL.

Get ready to put the brakes on though.
It's a 1/4 mile track but the shutdown area shorter than most. So, "see finish line....stomp on brake pedal".

Expect a whole lot of open runs down the track if that is what you like, (as well as bracket racing and ISSCA class heads up racing).

Expect a whole lot of GM High Tech Performance magazine coverage that day too. Did anyone else notice that they listed the ISSCA Nats as an event they will be attending this year? It's in the last GMHTP mag. Speaking of GMHTP mag coverage, I think the next issue might have our Vegas Nats published....or soon after that...we shall see.

So who's going and what will your ET's be?

I'm hoping to run a new 383 engine with some really good heads and maybe 11.9 in that July air.

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sounds good.
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