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As 2005 begins ISSCA turns five years old. There have been a lot of changes and growth for ISSCA over the past five years. 2005 marks the third year of the ISSCA National Event and this year it is going to be held in the Pocono’s July 11th through the 15th. The ISSCA National is put on, with the help of member volunteers, for ISSCA members. The event takes a lot of preplanning, preparation and financial commitment.

ISSCA has to contract for the Road Course, Drag Race and host Hotel well in advance of the event and initial funds for the event come from membership dues. For this reason people who anticipate attending the 2005 ISSCA National who are not members at this time are encouraged to join ISSCA now and not wait until July. Others may not be planning to attend the 2005 ISSCA National in July but may be interested in joining ISSCA we welcome you and look forward to sharing the benefits of ISSCA with you through out the year.

You can join ISSCA by visiting its web site and clicking on the Logo Store block under the SS pictures. You can also access the membership form through the Member Services block on the same page through that link you’ll find other information regarding benefits of membership and Chartered Club information in your area.

If you haven’t yet joined a Chartered Club this is a great time to do so Chartered Clubs support ISSCA and are supported by ISSCA. At your local Chartered Club you’ll be able to meet and get to know other Impala SS and B & D body enthusiast and all around great people.

We look forward to you being an important part of ISSCA!

Rick Matthews
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