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ISSCA Paraphernalia

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Hello Forum Members,
Went to the mailbox today,BAM here it is my NEW logo that says I belong to an elite group of individuals that have a club for the members, by the members! I salute all the board of directors for a job well done, and in quick fashion!Thanks again,
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The decal is neat-o, but I'd have to agree that two smaller ones may have worked better. Especially considering we've got 2 SS's and a wagon that are driven on a regular basis now.

Maybe the next round could be some smaller, static cling ones?
So cool! (And so professional!)

We went to the mailbox this weekend and found a "lumpy" envelope from ISSCA. What could this be?

Great job, guys! Really nice decal and awesome name badges. Made us feel like we were "somebody." Can't wait to sport them in Michigan in August!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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