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Just in case anyone else is looking here for this info, since it is an ISSCA supported regional event:

ISSCA Celebrates “Centennial of Flight 1903 – 2003”
Regional “Fly-in” to the US Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH on May 17th, 2003.

The Impala SS Club of America (ISSCA) will sponsor the first ever Regional cruise-in for ISSCA members and b-body enthusiasts in the mid-west on Saturday May 17th, 2003. Hosting the event will be local ISSCA Chartered Clubs, IndipalaSS (Indiana) and the Ohio Area Society of the Impala SS (OASISS) along with the Kentucky Impala SS club (KISS).

The event will celebrate the “Centennial of Flight 1903 – 2003” with a fun filled day at the US Air Force Museum ( Participants will join organized caravans to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH from various cities throughout the Ohio Valley including Indianapolis, IN – Louisville/Lexington, KY –Cincinnati, OH - Columbus, OH and Cleveland, OH.

The agenda includes the morning caravans, VIP Guest parking on the museum grounds, special museum tours, an “on your own” picnic lunch or dining at the museum restaurant, an afternoon cruise and a late afternoon cookout at a local member’s farmstead.

For more information contact: David Bass – (317) 581-8848 IndipalaSS President
( ISSCA Director, Region 8 ( ISSCA Regional “Fly-in” Event Coordinator
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