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I joined ISSCA way back. When do I get a member #. What's the criteria for "senior member" vs "junior member", etc.
Mike :confused:
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Hello Mike,

Your member number should be on the address label of your last magazine. If not, email me your name and I'll look up your number for you.

[email protected]

Ray Campbell
Actually you seem to have the "forum membership" and the ISSCA membership mixed together. They are two separate thangs...

Look at the first message in this thread, the one you posted. At the "top" of that message, click on the icon that looks like a face and a question mark. That will pop up the "profile" for the author of the message (you, in this case). That profile shows you your Forum member number (1228) and your forum status (Junior Member).

A couple of days ago, I saw a post from one of the administrators that said, you switch from "Junior Member" to "Senior Member" at 20 posts. Having just been elevated to the lofty status of Senior Member myself, I can confirm that is exactly true. :D

For the ISSCA club, your member number appears on the mailing label of the magazine. If you don't have that handy or can't find the number, Ray can look it up, as he suggested.
Mike, you are ISSCA Member # 199.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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