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What is ISSCA? (besides what it means :D )
How can one join?

any info would be cool..thanks guys


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Here are some of the benefits of joining ISSCA:
First, you will receive the bi-monthly Magazine called Impala SScene.
It includes Event schedules and results, Question and answer column,
National and regional Club news, Classified ads for members,
Commercial advertising, Club listings with contact phone numbers and addresses
Technical articles (Contributions from members & Special columnist) and
Car and member features.
With your membership you can also order club logo Paraphernalia (t-shirts, hats,etc.)
We provide Judging standards, Standard judging classes and Judge Certification.
You will obtain Membership identification (Membership cards, decals, badges)
You will also be eligible to attend and participate in the annual ISSCA Nationals
which is a Convention of the membership. We include Drag races, road racing, autocross, car show, sound off, team competition, and club competition.
The intent is to have a national club of Chevrolet B-body owners to pull all the local clubs together for strength as well as recognition.
Just go to and click on Membership Services to sign up on-line for $40. We had about 40 new members sign up while in Las Vegas for the recent Vegas SShowdown Nationals. The 2005 Nationals will be held in July in Englishtown, NJ.

Sam Martin
ISSCA Public Relations Officer
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