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i'm gittin out of the b-bodies for now. can't afford it at this point. cars a money hole and i haven't made any progress in almost 2 years. and i'm gittin engaged here soon.

i'm only keepin a few things for incase i git a chance to buy anothern. i'm only keepin my black interior, SS grille, caprice SS pieces, maybe the engine, and i'm 50/50 on the wheels at this point.

other than that its all forsale...

all 4 doors. 1 primer manual 95/6. 3 black (ones a 91-4 power passenger front)

trans. GM rebuild.

all blue carpet interior. everything is there for a 94 9c1 from headliner to the carpet dash to rear dash.

headlites, corner lites.

hood has a dent near windshield but comes with complete nose


passenger side mirror 91-94

brake lines for 94 abs from MC to box

think i got 2 clusters

94 trans am pcm

here's a few pics for y'all to check things out...

the best way to git ahold of me is thru textin or callin. i dont have a computer so i can't be on here much. there's all kinds of extras from all years of these cars sittin in my garage goin to waste. figured i'd give y'all a shot cuz i'd hate to see anothern get crushed.

text or call me at 7402270080. i'm in ohio and workin part time but should be able to manage to do some shipping since UPS is right across the street from work. i'd rather not ship big things like panels and such so if you're local i can meet you (pennsylvania, ohio, west virginia, kentucky.) gimme a call or text. make me some good offers guys.

glad i got to be part of the group for awhile. met some perty cool people too. maybe once life gets settled and straightened i can git back in.
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