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Jackalope goes 10.87 @ 121 MIR Nov. 13, 2016

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Just wanted to report the my son, John's "jackalope" 3300 lb 9C1 (world's lightest)
broke into the 10s with a 10.87 @ 121 mph & 1.489 60' time on 150 dry shot of spray thru the MAF.
The MAF picks up the air density and adds fuel, plus we are dumping 20% more fuel in the RPM WOT table in the pcm.

The run was pretty cool b/c his black 9C1 was racing a black Charger 392 SRT8.
We should have put up $20 on the run. LOL

Back-up run was about an hour later 10.89 @ 120 w/ 1.464 60 foot.

The car was running 11.90s all-motor.


355LT1- Snowflake's old forged pistons and original gapless rings w/ about 600 quarter mile runs.
Piston to wall clearance is super loose and sounds like a diesel when running.
Block donated by Lance Bachman .030 over 2 bolt main
6" scat rods from Lance's blown up 383.
Stock Iron heads
Comp 502 cam
Stock rocker arms & pushrods
Stock timing set
Electric Water pump
50 lb delphi injectors
stock fuel pump
Alternator only
ATI 4500 stall converter
TH375 trans
4.56 gears & stock axles
MT 28 x 10.5 full slick on
15x9 Weld Drag Lite XPs
165/80- 15 front tires on Summit 5 x 4.75" skinnies.

Check the slip:


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Happy to donate to the cause!

Funny thing is I think several racers have parts of my cars still in service. Keith has the 503 cam from the same 383 that Nab got the rods from. Chris and Michelle Mallory have all of my old 96 SS :wink2:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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