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January 2016 winner...Hamilton Chevrolet!

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Its was an epic battle... 7 cars lined up against the police... They fought the law but the law won! (I think I've worn that joke out...But we won't talk about that.)

Congrats! That's a beauty!

Somebody call Lornejay1 to pick up the dead bodies left in his wake... Ok, I'll stop now.
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Congrats, sorry to hear you had to sell it. Saw it at the Detroit Nats. What a clean 9C1, shotgun and everything, lol.
You did realize that was a solid rubber shotgun didn't you?

Mike--Hamilton Chevy
the car was sold already? But i must say, its a gorgeous looking car

The deal was in the works when I posted the picture. It is due to arrive in Germany very soon. Thanks.

Mike--Hamilton Chevy
Nice! Nothing beats a B body police cruiser. We are phasing out our Vics for Taurus's and it makes me really sad knowing that there will be a time very soon where I will have no shot at ever pushing a full frame, RWD, V8 sedan for a sector car again.
I know exactly how you feel but what I want to know is who really thinks that a Taurus is a full size car? Really?????? The crazy people at the car rental place tried to pass it off as one and I just laughed at them. cwm8

Mike--Hamilton Chevy
That D.A.R.E plate is the cherry on top

And the license plate on the back said "WUZDFUZ". I had a genuine MSP plate that I put on the car a few times at shows but I found that when I did that people just ignored the car thinking it was simply an in-service police vehicle so I quit putting the genuine plate on for shows! LOL

1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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